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The Fort Lawn Fire Department Fire Cadets (Explorer) Program is designed for young adults from 14 to 21 years of age who are interested in learning about a career in the Fire Service. The program is a joint venture with Boy Scouts of America. In addition to learning about the Fire Service, the Cadets programís main goal is to provide the young adult with a sense of responsibility to their neighborhood through on-going community related activities.

The Fire Cadet Program is structured to give young men and women positive activities to help them become better adults, This is also a great recruiting tool for the Fort Lawn Fire Department.   Cadets are allowed to take South Carolina Fire Academy Classes at the age of 16 and are allowed to assist on some calls at that age.   Fire Cadets are not allowed to be put in dangerous situations.  They can not respond to a medical call, direct traffic, respond to a hazardous material incident or downed power line, use power tools, enter a burning structure or be close enough to any fire that they could get hurt.   Cadets are allowed to participate any meeting, training, and assist on call if 16 or old in support function only. ( Set up rehab, assist in staging, to retrieve equipment from apparatus and help put equipment back on apparatus. )

Pictures of our Fire Cadets Below: