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Do it Jamie

Here comes the Tanker

Setting up dump tank

Ready for the water

Starting Drafting Operations

Reaching the sky

Taking a Dump

Waterhead is in the coolaid

let me show you how its done

Smack it Rod

gotta help that baby

spit it out

breathe man breathe

focus you guys focus

this is the way women do it

look whats that in there

what to do next

Mike & Rod to the rescue

Still no pulse

Training 10/30/2010

Good Job

Training 10/30/2010

Training 10/30/2010

Training 10/30/2010

"The Hot Box"


Training 10/30/2010

Interiour Attack

Next Team Makes Entry

In Side The "Hot Box"

Come On You Can Do It

Almost Their

What a Mess

RIT Team Coming To Help

Come On Chief, You Can Do It


You Can Do, Big Guy

Doing It Like A Pro.


Just hanging out

Local B.S.A. Leader

Trick or Treat

Now they are dressed for Halloween

Is their any more candy?

Drafting Operations

Drafting with Foam

Shooting Pool at the Firehouse

Nursing to Engine 210

Extrication Training

Using the Jaws of Life

Removing the Top

Making a convertable

210 Chilling

Getting Game Plan

Demo at Home Depot

Demo at Home Depot 2

Training 10/19/06 (Pic 01)

Training 10/19/06 (Pic 02)

Training 10/19/06 (Pic 03)

Training 10/19/06 (Pic 04)

Training 10/19/06 (Pic 05)

Training 10/19/06 (Pic 06)